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Our Mission:

To empower young people by equipping them with the tools to be successful not only in school but also in the community.

Join Gibraltar

Our aim is for Gibraltar Youth to be a place of safety, to which young people can come to for guidance, direction, encouragement, and support so that they are able to reach their full potential personally, academically, and spiritually. 


Our goal is to tutor, mentor, and teach students educational and life skills necessary to excel in the classroom and beyond. we desire to help each student cultivate their unique interests and talents to set them on a purposeful career path.


Our vision was birthed from Psalms 71:3 which states, “Be to me a rock of refuge and a sheltering stronghold to which I may continually come; You have given the commandment to save me, For You are my rock and my fortress.” We want our young people to know that they can trust in God to be their strength in all things and at all times. God is their place of safety from danger and trouble, their impenetrable force, on which they can rely on.

What we Do

Hand out vs Hand up: For many young people, their economic circumstances cause them to rely on the government or other organizations to help support them.

 We want to break that cycle and show  them how to use the tools that are  available to prosper. These tools include  spiritual and moral growth, education,  practical life skills, work skills, financial  management, and investments.  

As a reward for learning these skills and  a changed mindset, we provide a “hands  up” by providing opportunities for  internships or higher education that will  eventually lead to a successful career or  even business ownership in the future.  

“Gibraltar Youth, changed my life, the program gave me a safe place to focus in on my craft, while giving me a community to help secure a better future for myself.”

Jane Miller


• Spiritually: Ministering to them through the  Word of God through services and local  outreach to give them a stable moral  compass and a faith that will establish a  godly foundation.  

• Educationally: Giving them tangible goals  that they can accomplish in school as well  as helping them with healthy social  

interactions with others.  

• Economically: Helping them with personal  financial planning for their present and  future; planning for a career that will make  them a successful and contributing member of society.