WEDNESDAYS- 4:00PM- 6:00

Students will receive a snack, participate in an ice-breaker activity, and a life-skills/character building session. Tutoring will follow. 

MONDAYS- 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Students will receive tutoring and participate in Extreme Outlook (Bible study). The night will end with pizza and games.

Friday Fun Day or Saturday activity- consists of fun activities, such as roller skating, bowling and game nights.  Times may vary but events will be after-school and transportation will be provided.  Some weekends may include possible field trips or community service activities.

  • Field Trips give students the opportunity to explore and experience new things and  places.
  • Community Service- Students are given the opportunity to give back by getting involved with helping and serving in the community. 
  • Some “Fun-Days” may be held on Saturday instead of Friday depending on the activity and availability.

*For students needing additional tutoring,  we also offer Tuesday and Thursday on an as needed basis

Gibraltar program directors will communicate with each student’s teachers to identify subjects in which students need assistance. Our staff will step in to provide the appropriate support. Students are expected to bring the necessary books and learning materials needed to complete assignments.


Contact us for  information on upcoming events.
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