Gibraltar Youth is a non-profit organization that was started in July 2000 by Pastor Eke Eni and his wife Danielle.

The program was conceived out of a passion to empower young people in the Tulsa area by equipping them with the tools to be successful not only in school but also in the community.  Through partnerships with local schools, teachers, and parents, Pastor Eke and Danielle successfully tutored, mentored, and ministered to young people in the Tulsa area.  Today, Gibraltar is  looking forward to it’s continued vision of working with middle and high school students as they endeavor to tackle the world.  Gibraltar is here to equip students to be all that they can be in mind, body, and spirit.

Kanisha McGee

Youth Coordinator

Kanisha McGee, from Tulsa, OK, is a married mother of four children.  Her passion is working with pre-teen and teenage girls.  Being a teen mother herself, she started the Purity with Purpose group under the umbrella of the Ministry of Reconciliation.  Through this program, she helps young ladies from all walks of life to choose a different path by setting goals and placing God first in their everyday life.

Aimee Roulac

Educational Coordinator

Aimee M. Roulac is originally from Columbia, MD. Aimee moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts University earned a Bachelor, English Literature. She also earned a Masters Degree in Urban Education from Langston University. Aimee was a public school teacher for 11 years at TPS, She taught 6th, 7th grade for nine years, 10th grade for two years. In 2015, Aimee made a career change, and works as a registered nurse at a local hospital.

Alexandra Marrufo


Alexandra Marrufo is from Plainview, Texas and grew up in Broken Arrow. She graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 2018 and attended Tulsa Community College for 2 years. She continues her studies at Tulsa Tech to be a Legal Assistant. Alexandra has a passion to teach young children and teenagers. She wants to influence them to not only make good choices for their lives but to serve the Lord while doing it.


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